HARASTREAM, INC. (www.harastream.com)

Harastream is a film and television online streaming company which is in active development. Harastream allows members to purchase and view complete box sets of film and television productions rather than just the film. In addition to watching a movie or a television show Harastream members will also be able to see additional aspects of the project uploaded by the content/film owners which might include content from cast and director interviews, “making of” documentaries, alternate endings, cut scenes, behind the scenes interviews, bloopers, music videos and any other videos or clips related to the project. Harastream is also planning to provide benefits to members willing to share Harastream with others and to build a community.  Harastream, Inc. is owned 80% by Hara, Inc., 10% by Lee Baker and 10% by Stien Davis.

In addition to the streaming service of Harastream, the company will also actively create new feature film and television projects. Harastream has secured rights to fund all or part of several projects that are already in production, and other that are ready for production. Harastream is also in active negotiations with others as well. Hara, Inc. will fund such productions.


Genre: 3D Animation Angel Fairy Tale Feature Film
Attached Voice Cast:

Intellectual Property Rights Owner: Genesis Animation, Inc.

Story: While searching for her missing parents, Starlight, a young angel, discovers that her brother is leading a war in heaven and she must choose sides. This story is one of love, loyalty, betrayal and family which affects all of Heaven, the Heavenly Realms and the newly created planet Earth.


Genre: Live-Action Television Series

Intellectual Property Rights Owner: Lee Baker

Story: Set in the modern day, a meteor strikes the Earth, destroys most of the life on the planet and brings with it strange alien creatures determined to take control. The remaining humans cannot defend against the creatures until a teenage boy creates the first living robot.


Genre: Live-Action Sci-Fi Thriller Feature Film

Intellectual Property Rights: Lee Baker and Paralight Films, LLC

Additional: Speed of Light was released as a novel in 2011.

Story: Traveling the speed of light traumatizes a man as his mind expands and he sees from the experience and eyes of everyone and everything around him. He pieces himself together and struggles to stay alive as he learns to control his new abilities, discovers his wife’s death was not an accident and her killers are after him.


Genre: Historical Espionage Thriller Feature Film based on real events.

Intellectual Property Rights: Lee Baker and Paralight Films, LLC

Story: Winston Churchill made a controversial decision during World War II to not evacuate the city of Coventry and allow the city to be destroyed even though he knew the attack would occur. He did this to protect the enigma decoding information and possibly win the war. Our story centers on the spies that discover the impending attack and their decision to save their own families who live in Coventry or to obey orders to let the city be destroyed. One spy disobeys Churchill and leaves to save his wife and unborn baby, the other pursues him.

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Stien Davis
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