HARALIVE, INC. (www.haralive.com)

Haralive is a Smart-Theater creation company. We aim to bring movie theaters to life. We believe that in order for theaters to survive in this digital world the theater itself must become an attraction and event. We are moving forward to create fun, interactive experiences for moviegoers in movie theater lobbies and hallways using virtual reality and augmented reality and in doing so increase the public interest in going to movies in the theaters as well as promoting and expanding the awareness of Haracoin. Haralive, Inc. is owned 80% by Hara, Inc., 10% by Lee Baker and 10% by Stien Davis. Haralive Smart-Theaters plan to have the following features:



Haralive plans to use Harascreen digital displays to replace posters in theaters and also provide for instant merchandising. We plan to make purchasing through Harascreens in both traditional methods of payment as well as cryptocurrency, including Haracoin.


Using a combination of the Harascreen and the technology of augmented reality we plan to allow moviegoers to become a part of the events inside the screen. Imagine posing next to your favorite hero or animated character in their world and in their poster. All of this is in development with the Harascreen and augmented reality. Screens can be large or small and planned features will allow animated characters to interact and speak with the moviegoer. In our development plan, moviegoers will be able to post themselves with their favorite movie stars and characters to their social networks and our hope is that this technology will drive social marketing for films and merchandise to a much higher level.


Our development plans include the ability to have a moviegoer simply scan the symbol on a poster with their telephone or tablet and be able to unlock virtual reality in the lobby and hallways of the theater. Through their phone or tablet they will be able to see fantastical worlds within the theater or superheroes saving the day. Our vision is to make the theater a virtual reality theme park and each new movie can bring with it new adventures in the lobby and hallways. Development plans to allow films to actively participate through marketing events – for example an “Easter Egg” type challenges for moviegoers.

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Just like with Bitcoin, there’s no credit card number that malicious actors can collect in order to steal from you. Even though some effort might be required, it’s even possible in some cases to send a payment without revealing your identity. Protecting your privacy is my number one priority.

Stien Davis
CTO, Stien Davis