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As addressed in detail in our Disclosure(s), upon commencement of the Coin Sale, 50% of the available Haracoins (1.2 billion coins), will be available for sale to accredited investors. 50% of the available Haracoins will be held by the company for founders, team, bounty program, advisors, reserve, marketing, business investments, business operations, charitable causes, early investors and other areas determined by the Company. Please read our Disclosure(s). At the conclusion of the Coin Sale, it is anticipated some portion of the token allotment will be left unsold. Rather than burn/destroy these excess tokens, we will initiate an Air Drop incentive program to encourage the long-term holding of Haracoins.


The total tokens reserved for the Air Drop Incentive program will be determined by the amount sold in the coin sale. These remaining unreserved coins will be divided into yearly allocations and distributed throughout each year prorated to Haracoin holders. The duration of the airdrop campaign would be for 10 years. For example, if there were 10 million coins left over after the coin sale, these would be divided into ten annual allocations, one for each year. Throughout the following 10 years, each allocation would be randomly distributed to current token holders. If someone sells their Haracoins, then the new holder of the Haracoins will get the next Airdrop. Only current Haracoin holders will benefit from the airdrops – which should encourage long-term interest in Haracoin.

Haracoin is a cryptocurrency which can be mined using the qubit algorithm. Haracoin will have a max cap of 2.5 billion Haracoins. 1.2 billion (48%) will be made available for sale through the Offering. Approximately 1.2 billion (48%) will be held by the company. Approximately 100 million (4%) Haracoins remain to be mined. 96% of the Haracoin money supply is currently privately controlled by Hara Inc. To be a global cryptocurrency, Haracoin must have a large independent network. To reach this goal, the Haracoin source code and mining capability will be moved to the public domain over the next 2 years. The transition from private network to public network is fraught with security risks, therefore, to ensure security of the network, a limited and controlled deployment of public mining nodes will be allowed to join the Haracoin mining network over this period. Using this method, it is our goal to build the network to sufficient size to be independent and allow public mining and full open sourcing of the code. Please read our Disclosure(s).

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