BlueSkyBit, Inc. is working to become a global cryptocurrency exchange, and is actively seeking registration as an Alternative Trading System (ATS). An ATS is similar in form and function to a traditional stock exchange but is less concentrated in any specific security. Many Foreign Currency (FX) exchanges are examples of other market places registered as an ATS. The trading platform is currently under development and can be seen on our website at This company is also led by Lee Baker, Hara, Inc.’s CEO. Hara, Inc. will fund the continued technical development, business expansion, legal processes, and worldwide marketing of BlueSkyBit, Inc. We are actively seeking registration to be a licensed ATS (Alternative Trading System) with the Securities Exchange Commission within the United States of America and we anticipate also trying to register in other jurisdictions worldwide. Hara, Inc. does not own BlueSkyBit, Inc. BlueSkyBit, Inc. is owned 100% by Mee Kwyung Lee, Chairman and owner of Hara, Inc.

We believe the best method to be successful is to abide by all laws regarding cryptocurrency and the financial world, set up clear and transparent guidelines for cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange, and govern the exchange in a manner that is most beneficial to the members of the exchange. The initial beta programming of the exchange is finished and can be viewed at the company website.

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Just like with Bitcoin, there’s no credit card number that malicious actors can collect in order to steal from you. Even though some effort might be required, it’s even possible in some cases to send a payment without revealing your identity. Protecting your privacy is my number one priority.

Stien Davis
CTO, Stien Davis