Technology and Entertainment

HARACOIN is a socially driven, interactive, worldwide technology and entertainment company focused on cutting edge crypto-technology combined with the worldwide love of film, television, music, games, augmented reality and virtual reality. See dinosaurs, whirlwinds and space ships in the lobbies of theaters. Project yourself into movie posters. Interact with stars and directors. Interact while films, television shows and concerts are being made and performed.


Technology causes revolutions, and the marketing power of celebrities and the entertainment industry can open the eyes of the world. Commerce on the internet is in a state of flux. With the creation and acceptance of the peer-to-peer electronic cash system made possible by blockchain and successive related technologies in the cryptocurrency industry, the world is seeing the rise of a new financial system. HARACOIN bridges the gap between these early adopters and the majority of consumers, encouraging everyone to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for traditional banking institutions, while still keeping transactions secure and anonymous.

Through their work over the past 30 years, HARA Inc.’s leadership team has amassed an extensive network of contacts in the film, music, and overall entertainment community. This network of celebrities and influencers will be activated to raise awareness and interest in all of Hara Inc.’s properties, including HARACOIN.


The Digital Box Set™ is an indispensable service for the completist in all of us. Why watch just your favorite movie or TV series when you can have all the extras, interviews, bloopers, deleted scenes, and commentary you could ever want without having to store multiple box sets on your shelves? HARASTREAM is dedicated to the digital box set, uploading new titles and extras weekly.

Moviegoers are a captive audience perfectly poised and primed for additional marketing within the movie theater space. HARALIVE will bring the Smart Theater experience to cinemas across the United States via the HARASCREEN, a sleek, state-of-the-art, interactive touch-sensitive display.


aug 2017
Coin Web Application Development
mar 2018
Korean Launch
july 2018
US Offering Memorandum
Q1 2019
Target Listing on Additional Exchanges
oct 2017
Korean Coin Development
june 2018
Create Hara, Inc.
sept 2018
US Coin Offering Target End Date
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